Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mabalacat City Celebrates Milestones through Velada Mabalaqueña

     The year 2012 is a jubilee year for Mabalacat. The year did not only mark the tri-centennial founding anniversary of the town, it also witnessed its successful conversion into a component city of the Province of Pampanga. To celebrate these milestones, the Institute of Arts and Sciences of Mabalacat City College staged Velada Mabalaqueña on September 25, 2012 at the Mabalacat City College quadrangle.

     The Velada Mabalaqueña was one of its kind in Mabalacat. The Mabalacat City College quadrangle was transformed into a Spanish plazuela of fountains, flowers and capiz windows. All the guests were dressed up in Spanish colonial costumes. The sounds, sights and senses gave the guests a taste of Spanish Philippines. Velada is Spanish word which means a night-time social gathering. In the Philippines, velada means “staying awake late at night” to commemorate an event.

All dressed-up for the Velada. Invited special guests include successful Mabalaqueños like Director Elwood Perez
     Though the event was open to public, prominent and successful Mabalaqueños were specially invited to grace the occasion. Mayor Marino P. Morales officially declared the conversion of the Municipality into Mabalacat City amidst the festive orchestral music and the boom of fireworks! Dr. Leonardo C. Canlas formally announced the renaming of Mabalacat College into Mabalacat City College. Pampanga Archbishop Reverend Fr. Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D. unveiled of the portrait of Fr. Andres de San Fulgencio, OAR, Founder of Mabalacat. Department of Education Region III Director, Dr. Isabelita M. Borres, led the cheers for Mabalacat City.

     There were notable highlights that made the velada even more  memorable. The fabulous rendition of Piyestang Sinukwan under the leadership of Richard John W. Hernandez and Benjamin D. Alonzo sets the festive and cultural mode of the occasion. The lighting of 300 colorful sky lanterns to memorialize the 300 years of Mabalacat history and heritage presents a fascinating sight. The Institute of Hospitality Management also brought to life the flavors of Spain with their paella and chicken galantina. The event was made successful because of the familial cooperation the Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students of Mabalacat City College.

     Congratulations Mabalacat City for these historic milestones! We look forward for next Velada Mabalaqueña.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DepEd Region III Director Visits Mabalacat College

DepEd Director, Dr. Isabelita M. Borres, with the MC Officials

The Region III Director of the Department of Education, Dr. Isabelita M. Borres, visited the College last June 19, 2012. She was welcomed by the President, Dr. Leonardo C. Canlas and other College officials. She came to see the facilities of the College upon the invitation of Mayor Marino P. Morales. She inspected the laboratories, library and important offices.

In the roundtable talks, Dr. Borres explained that she is interested to know more about local colleges because she was once assigned to the defunct Bureau of Higher Education of the Department of Education. She is pleased to know that Mabalacat College is manned by competent administrators and faculty. “All the good people are here,” she remarked.

The DepEd and MC are set to ink agreements on special programs for the free training of teachers to prepare them on the full implementation of K-12 program.

Monday, June 18, 2012

ALCUCOA Holds Accreditation Orientation Seminar at MC

ALCUCOA President Dr. Adelina S. Patriarca with MC Accreditation team.

Dr. Adelina S. Patriarca, President of the Association of Local Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (ALCUCOA), conducted an orientation seminar on accreditation at Mabalacat College last June 18, 2012. The seminar aimed to familiarize selected members of the Administration and Faculty to the rudiments of ALCUCOA accreditation. Mabalacat College aimed to be accredited with ALCUCOA in its bid to become a university in the next fifteen (15) years.

ALCUCOA evaluates an institution’s capabilities in ten (10) areas: Governance and Administration; Faculty; Curriculum and Instruction; Student Development and Services; Entrepreneurship and Employability; Community Extension Services; Research; Library; Laboratories and Physical Plant. Among others, the benefit of accreditation is the assurance of delivering quality education at par with other accredited local colleges in the Philippines. 

 Dr. Patriarca encouraged the College to start thinking about accreditation this early so that a culture of quality may be developed. She is very positive about Mabalacat College’s success in this endeavor. In another event, Dr. Leonardo C. Canlas, the College President, said that the College will apply for accreditation within the next five (5) years.